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Here's everything you're getting in the Ultimate Performance & Physique Package:

Ultimate MMA S&C Program ($77 value)

I first developed this program for UFC Fighter Jeff Joslin. I further refined it for UFC Fighter Claude Patrick.

I then continued to tweak it using the feedback I've received from 2,138 fighters, recreational martial artists and guys looking for an efficient routine to build a well-rounded, functional body to the program you see today.

MMA Ripped 8-Week Training Camp
($97 value)

Guys who have gone through this 8-week program have lost 10-20 pounds of body fat (your results will vary depending on how much fat you have to lose).

The reason why is because of the periodized, progressive programming that forces your body to continually shed fat.

You'll also make gains in strength, endurance and conditioning all while doing only 2 strength + interval workouts (just over an hour) and 2 bodyweight CAGE Cardio workouts per week (under 30 minutes).

A semi-customized nutrition program and supplement routine is also included to ensure you get the fastest results possible.

Olympic Lifting Mastery Course
($57 value)

The Olympic Lifts consist of the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch, the most effective exercises to build your total body power.

However, they're technically challenging and if you do them without proper form, they're not as effective and can easily result in injury.

That's why I put together this course - so you could master these lifts following my simple, step-by-step process to build your most POWERFUL body ever.


eXplosive Muscle Building Blueprint
($57 value)

This 8-week program will help you add 7-10 pounds of lean, functional muscle to your frame.

The reason why I can make such a specific claim is because this has happened over and over to guys who have followed this program.

The best part about this program is that you'll not only build muscle, but you'll also build power so that you don't just get bigger, but faster and more explosive at the same time.

Big muscles are cool - when they're useful and in this program that's exactly what you'll get.

1-year-guaranteeThe ACTUAL value of everything listed on this page is $288 including the program PDFs and HD videos...

It's what my most loyal practitioners have paid for all of these programs over the years.

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