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Here are all of the programs you're getting as part of "The Total Package":


PLUS, when you invest in The Total Package today, you're also getting a 1 year membership to the powerDOJO Inner Circle for FREE! ($299 value)


As a powerDOJO Inner Circle member, each month you get:

  • A new periodized resistance training workout giving you options for training 2 or 3 days per week
  • Targeted "Mobility Moves of the Month" where you'll get Eric's latest exercises and techniques to maximize your mobility and flexibility
  • A new CAGE Cardio workout that will ramp up your conditioning and help you get or stay lean
  • Specific interval training programs to maintain an elite level of aerobic conditioning

On top of all of this you're also getting full access to:

  • Eric via "The Mastermind" where you can post your questions and issues and get a response typically within 24 hours
  • The Video Vault with 700+ videos of exercises, workouts and more (great for new ideas or substitutions)
  • The custom Workout Tracker to easily track all of your workouts and visualize your progress over time
  • Gradings where you can progress through the powerDOJO Belt System and have your technique assessed by Eric

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