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  • CLUSTER5: designed to boost your max strength in minimum time via a unique twist on the cluster training method
  • V: designed to build muscle and strength-endurance specifically in the Pull movement patterns for that "V" shape
  • Cyclical Strength: you'll be working down the strength-endurance continuum to build strength for both upper and lower body with a target to building up towards a 1-arm Pushup
  • The Dragon: we're taking the 1-arm Pushup training up a notch with the goal of helping you hit your 1st one (or improve your current abilities)
  • The Wave: in this program you'll follow the wave loading method to build both Power and Strength
  • The Chang Gang: this is a well-rounded program that I dedicated to 2 relatives that passed away in a short time - Grandma and Uncle Tony

1-year-guaranteeAs with everything I publish, try them out and if you think they suck, email me and I'll hook you up with a refund. And I give you 1 full year to give them a shot.

This means that there's absolutely no risk to you because you know my word is good, so take advantage of this special offer now and if you do decide to keep the programs, you've got all of your training laid out for the next 6 months. 🙂

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