Hey, thanks for check this out and thanks for joining me at the workshop!

Nothing fancy going on here, just a quick recap of what you're getting with the "FOUNDING VIP" package.

Here's the part from the workshop that got cut off for some attendees that describes everything you're getting in this special offer:

  • LIFETIME Access to the 29 powerDOJO Workouts of the Month ($841 value)
  • 1 Year powerDOJO Inner Circle Membership including live monthly Q&A sessions and access to all features including the Video Vault, Mastermind and Workout Tracker ($299 value)
  • PrecisionMovement.coach "Founding VIP" status giving you access to monthly in-depth workshops on flexibility, injuries and movement
  • LIFETIME 60% discount on all future PrecisionMovement.coach Premium Programs including the upcoming Spine Control and Hip Control programs ($60 off each!)

You're also covered by a 60 day money-back guarantee so you can take advantage of this offer right now, scope everything out, attend a couple of LIVE workshops and then decide if it's right for you.

Thing is when the timer below hits ZERO, this offer is gone...

This special offer is available to you for a ONE-TIME PAYMENT of only $1380 $199.

Sign up now and get instant access to all of the Workouts of the Month and the powerDOJO Inner Circle and get on the PrecisionMovement.coach Founding VIP list for your exclusive invites to workshops and discounts.

1 Payment of $199