Here's What You're Getting:

  • You'll learn the 8 powerful methods used in the 3D Flexibility System™ to quickly unlock your tight hips allowing you to move with more speed and power and eliminate compensatory pain and injuries.
  • 6 separate routines to follow as part of the Hip Flexibility Solution program, each taking less than 20 minutes to perform from start to finish (once you’ve mastered the unique exercises and techniques).
  • You'll discover the 5 biggest mistakes 99.9% of people make that prevents your body from reaching it’s flexibility potential.
  • The Master Manual giving you the science and background behind the program.
  • The Technique Manual showing you the exact exercises and how to do them to unlock your tight hips.
  • Handy Program Cheatsheets that can be printed and easily taken with you wherever you go so you always know what to do.

Hip Flexibility Solution Master ManualHip Flexibility Solution


After an hour with this manual, you’ll understand everything you need to know about your hips, what makes them tight and what to do to release them.

I believe that understanding leads to application which is why I’ve invested many hours and sleepless nights crafting this manual so that it’s easy to understand and gives you the knowledge that 95% of personal trainers don’t know.

Hip Flexibility Solution Technique ManualHip Flexibility Solution


Here you’ll be coached on what, when and how to implement each of the 6 routines to achieve rapid and lasting gains in your hip flexibility. Exercise instructions are outlined in easy to follow bullet points accompanied by high quality pictures so you do everything with proper form and get the best results possible. You’ll also discover the exact factors that each exercise addresses, so you know precisely why each exercise has been included the program.

Hip Flexibility Solution Program CheatsheetsHip Flexibility Solution


After a week or two, you’ll be in the groove and you can keep these handy 1 page cheatsheets created for each of the 6 routines in your car, at the office or in your back pocket, so when it’s time to do your routines, you know the correct order and have the important technical details to help you do everything right.

Hip Flexibility Solution



Access to over 1.5 hours of high quality instructional streaming videos are included where I leave no stone unturned and show you every exercise in excruciating detail that will satisfy even the most keen athletes and exercisers. Study the videos and you’ll quickly master each of the exercises that make up the 6 Hip Flexibility Solution routines.


Hip Flexibility Solution


Each and every exercise is available to you to download in both HD and mobile-friendly SD formats so you can save the videos to your laptop, smartphone or tablet to take with wherever and whenever you want so you can follow along and do the exercises and routines properly with me by your side.

Today only, you're getting Hip Flexibility Solution for 72% off, which means today you're paying just $19.


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Here Are Some Results Others Have Experienced Using This Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect from the program?

After 7 days of following the program as I’ve outlined, you can expect to feel looser when doing things like squatting down and lunging. If you play a sport or train martial arts, you can expect to feel loose faster than before.

After 14 days of following the program, you can expect to feel faster and more powerful and little chronic nagging injuries like knee pain and back pain will diminish.

And after 28 days, you can expect to feel looser than you have in YEARS.

How much time will the workouts take?

If you’re currently exercising, which includes a warmup and cooldown, you’ll simply substitute some of the things you’re currently doing with the more effective exercises and techniques you’ll find in the program. On top of that, you need to do just 20 minutes, 6 days per week to get the fastest results possible. Doing more won’t necessarily speed up your results, so just 20 minutes, 6 days a week is all you need!

I'm close to 60 years old. Am I too old to use this program?

Age has nothing to do with it - I know 60 year olds that can run and squat better than my 30 year old friends. So, here's the answer to the rephrased question, "I'm stiff and have knee/hip/back pain. Can I still do this?"

The Bioenergetics, Kneeling, Standing, Core and Active SMR Routines (5 of the 6 separate routines in the program) can be done by all, as long as you listen to your body and follow along with me in the videos to ensure good form. The only routine that includes difficult exercises for those stiff and sore is the Advanced Mobility Movement Patterns routine - this you may not be able to do at first. In thinking about this, I may also create a beginner version for those who find this one too difficult.

What equipment do I need to follow the program?

To follow the program exactly as outlined, you need the following equipment: a rubber resistance band you can hook around your thigh, a foam roller, a lacrosse ball or baseball and somewhere to lift your foot up onto like a table or couch.