eXplosive Muscle Building Blueprint

eXplosive Muscle Building Blueprint


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MMA fighters and guys looking to add 7-9 lbs of lean, eXplosive muscle to their bodies with 3 days/week of workouts and MINIMAL SORENESS.


A few of my select customers have gotten their hands on my 8-Week Muscle Building Blueprint and followed it to gain an average of 7-9 lbs of lean mass in 8 weeks.

Any program that promises much more than 1 pound of lean mass gain per week is full of crap.

It could happen but it’s not likely.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to update this program for a long time and finally set aside the time to do it, and now it’s better than ever.

There are 2 main benefits that you’ll love about following this program that set it apart from every other muscle building program you’ve tried (that may or may not have worked) in the past:

  • MINIMAL SORENESS: most bodybuilding programs leave you sore as hell so it hurts to go up stairs, let alone train MMA or any other sport - this program is different and is based on the science of muscle hypertrophy, not simply "lifting weights and eating a lot"
  • BUILD eXplosive MUSCLE:  real power for sport is either a product of lower body explosiveness transferred up or rotational power starting at the hips - this program incorporates both in a way that will have you even more eXplosive despite putting on up to 9 lbs of lean mass, so you don't slow down or get sluggish like how most other programs will leave you

As a fighter, you can’t afford to be too sore or tired because you’ve got to train MMA too, so the xMB is your ticket to avoiding the problems of traditional muscle building programs and making sure you don’t slow down.

Everything is laid out in my signature easy-to-follow templates so you can grab the program and get started on your new, explosive body right away. Get started right now:

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