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How the Struggle to End My Baby Daughter’s Suffering Nets You ALL Of My Premium Programs For FREE So You Get And STAY In The Best Shape Of Your Life

premium-programsBut here’s the thing – while this is an insane offer because all of these awesome programs are worth over $724, I’ve learned through this difficult experience with my daughter that they’re just ONE of the elements to your success… Read this story to find out what will really ensure you achieve your goals and keep them and how I can help.

From: Eric Wong, BSc, Founder of powerDOJO

Have you heard of eczema before?

It’s a relatively common condition that affects 25-35% of babies.

If you have heard of it, you probably picture a red rash maybe on the arms or cheeks or behind the knees…

But my sweet daughter Livia’s was literally head-to-toe.

Not only that, but it was also super itchy and she would scratch and scratch and scratch until it bled and because of that, she had repeated infections that required powerful antibiotics to treat.

Not a fun start to life for my baby girl.

We consulted with many different practitioners to try to help our baby, including:

  • Too many doctors to count
  • 2 naturopaths
  • A homeopath
  • A holistic nutritionist
  • A dietitian
  • Even a Traditional Chinese Medicine doc who prescribed disgusting herbs that Livia hated but we forced her to take in hopes that it would help her

Unfortunately none of the recommendations we got helped and we all continued to suffer for months on end.

We’d spent thousands of dollars and so much time with nothing to show.

But what made this most frustrating was the utter the lack of support…

We’d get a set of recommendations then they’d say, “Come back in 3 weeks” (or even later)!

If we had questions, they were next to impossible to get a hold of and because Livia’s eczema changed so drastically from day-to-day, it was a stressful time not knowing what was happening or having any professional support.

Then, we found a dermatologist from across the pond who offered online consultations.

We looked at his site and he seemed credible, but everyone we consulted with previously seemed credible too.

So we kept digging and found a Facebook community setup by former patients and read about what his patients were currently going through and the results they got.

After seeing success story after success story, we decided to go ahead and consult with him.

We paid his fee, sent in background and pics and received a prompt response with his prescription and other helpful tips… Within 24 hours!

But the best part was this line in that email:

“If you have any questions email me immediately, otherwise
update me in 5 days after beginning the regimen.”

Finally, someone had our back and was ready to help guide us through every step of the journey!

Luckily we had his support because we hit a problem 5 days into the treatment, which required the doctor to consult with our pharmacist to figure out a new mixture of the prescribed cream since Livia had an allergic reaction to something in the original formula.

After getting the new mixture, we had 2 major flares in the second and third weeks of treatment that again had us questioning the treatment.

But we emailed with pics, got recommendations and tweaks to our regimen and now, I can honestly say that without his prompt support, we surely would’ve given up and wrote his treatment off as another failed attempt.

And it was also the support of the Facebook community of former and current patients that helped us staay on track where we could ask less serious questions and get an immediate response and just hear about others going through the same things we were.

The support truly did make ALL the difference.

And this is the result, after just 4 weeks:


It’s this experience that’s prompted me to drastically change the way I run my business.

Here’s the sad reality:

I know for a fact that many people who buy my programs don’t use them.

I hate this, because I know the results my programs will deliver… if they’re actually followed.

So I’ve surveyed these peeps and found the following reasons why this happens:

  • They buy it with good intentions then simply forget about it
  • Something new comes along that sounds better so they jump to that
  • They're confused about how to get started so they don't
  • They're not confident they're following the program and/or doing the exercises properly
  • They start but then don't know how to do something so they stop

Have you ever stopped yourself from achieving
your goals for any of these reasons?

If you have, don’t feel bad, because it’s not your fault.

We live in the INFORMATION OVERLOAD AGE and with our busy lives, it’s easy to suffer from overwhelm and “paralysis by analysis”.

And trust me, you’re not alone – even with the best intentions (and after spending a lot of money) I’ve done this to myself…. many times!

But no more!

I’m taking a stand…

I know the results you can get from following my programs and workouts.

I’ve seen too many reports of stellar results for me to think otherwise.

So I’m no longer offering my programs by themselves.

Instead, in addition to the programs, I’m providing you with:

  1. My COACHING where you can ask and get a prompt response DIRECTLY FROM ME whether it’s for any modifications to programs you may need based on your available equipment, injury history or anything else (this was impossible for me to do before but once you become a member of the DOJO, you become my valued client)
  2. The TOOLS I’ve developed to help you track your workouts and assess your results to ensure you’re on track like the workout tracker, progress graphs, Video Vault and more
  3. A COMMUNITY of like-minded, goal-oriented individuals to provide you with additional support, motivation and accountability

You could even have me (and fellow members) critique your form by posting a video to the Forum.

Basically, instead of shelling out $125 per hour of Personal Training or $299 per month for 1-on-1 Online Coaching, you get all of my programs and my support when you need it for a fraction of the price.

First and foremost, I am a COACH, not an internet marketer and with this setup, instead of spending my time and energy on selling my programs, I can spend it coaching clients like you.

Because when you join me inside powerDOJO, you’re saying,

“Eric, I trust you and I’d love to have you as my Coach…”

… and I take that VERY SERIOUSLY.

With the experience with my daughter, I know this is a far better solution to help you achieve your goals.

So, whether you’re:

  • A pro fighter looking to step into the cage in the best shape of your life
  • A competitive or recreational martial artist who wants to perform at your potential
  • Someone into functional, well-rounded fitness who appreciates new and innovate workouts
  • In need of expert guidance in overcoming injuries and pain
  • Looking for the most time-efficient programs because you've got a busy life
  • Wanting to avoid information overload, confusion and constant over-hyped sales pitches for new workout and diet fads

Then joining me inside powerDOJO is for YOU.

And right now, because I’m in the midst of making this move, you can lock in at the lowest charter member monthly rate AND you don’t have to pay the normal initiation fee ($99 value).

When you signup, it’s my intention that you and I have a mutually beneficial, long term Coach-Client relationship and I’d rather have fewer quality relationships than sell a ton of programs to people that don’t use them, even if it means I make less money.

So if this makes even a little bit of sense to you, click the button below for more about everything you get when you become a powerDOJO member:

Coach, tell me more about powerDOJO!