Cluster Training for
Strength and POWER

clusters-coverCluster training is a powerful method that allows you to perform more heavy reps in the same amount of time than standard station training, by doing mini-sets with mini-breaks within a big set. This big set is called the cluster set.

If you can do 6 reps with 225 pounds in 5 minutes instead of 4 reps, you’re doing more work and you’ll get better results.

Basically, you get bigger strength gains in less time.

Not too shabby.

And in CLUSTER5, I’ve added two powerful HACKS that will get you even more efficient results than standard cluster training, which I’ll get to after I tell you how I’ve designed the program to maximize your POWER.

There’s this concept called potentiation, which basically means doing something to rev up your nervous system so that you can exhibit more power than if you didn’t do it.

Any type of warmup will do this, but when you perform a heavy lift before a lighter lift, you are able to exhibit a much greater degree of power than if you didn’t do the heavy lift.

So for example, doing a heavy squat before a vertical jump can help you jump higher. I’ve integrated this concept into CLUSTER5 to boost your power, on top of your strength.

Now, you may have noticed it’s a 5 at the end of the word and not an “S”.

This is not a typo, it’s because in CLUSTER5, each Cluster Set is 5 minutes long.

Here’s exactly how it works:

  1. You start your stopwatch and do your first heavy STRENGTH set for the prescribed reps right away
  2. At 1 minute, you do your next heavy set for the prescribed reps
  3. At 2 minutes, you do your last heavy set but this time, you max out on reps – this is one of the hacks to maximize your strength gains in the minimum amount of time
  4. You then strip weights to your approximate 10RM
  5. At 3 minutes then every 30 seconds after that until the last set at 5 minutes, you perform your explosive POWER sets

So each Cluster Set lasts 5 minutes.

That’s 5 minutes to greater strength and power.

Not bad, especially if saving time is important to you. I also prescribe different weights and reps each week to ensure you get the best results possible – this is the second hack to maximize the gains you make in 4 weeks.

This program is 2 days/week of Strength workouts and 2 CAGE Cardio workouts per week as well, one of which is a brand new NRG System Complex that is my new “go-to” for assessing an athlete’s overall conditioning.

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