Video #3: Periodization

Video #3 of 3: PERIODIZATION

You’ve just gotten a TON of info in these 3 videos…

Now, one question that you may have is this, “How do I put all of this together?”

Well, there are a couple of options if you want to follow my methods…

Option #1: Grab one of my Premium Programs, like the Ultimate MMA S&C Program, which gives you, step-by-step, exactly what to do to follow the blueprint you just learned.

Option #2 (best option): Join my powerDOJO Inner Circle, where you’ll get a new program each month, designed based on all of the principles you learned in this video series, to get you in the best shape of your life.

The benefit of joining my Inner Circle is that instead of just offering programs by themselves, I’m providing you with the programs and:

  1. My COACHING where you can ask and get a prompt response DIRECTLY FROM ME whether it’s for any modifications to programs you may need based on your available equipment, injury history or anything else (this was impossible for me to do before but once you become a member of the DOJO, you become my valued client)
  2. The TOOLS I’ve developed to help you track your workouts and assess your results to ensure you’re on track like the workout tracker, progress graphs, Video Vault and more
  3. A COMMUNITY of like-minded, goal-oriented individuals to provide you with additional support, motivation and accountability

You could even have me (and fellow members) critique your form by posting a video to the Forum.

Basically, instead of shelling out $125 per hour of Personal Training or $299 per month for 1-on-1 Online Coaching, you get all of my programs and my support when you need it for a fraction of the price.

First and foremost, I am a COACH, not an internet marketer and with this setup, instead of spending my time and energy on selling my programs, I can spend it coaching clients like you.

Because when you join me inside powerDOJO, you’re saying,

“Eric, I trust you and I’d love to have you as my Coach…”

… and I take that VERY SERIOUSLY.

With the experience with my daughter, I know this is a far better solution to help you achieve your goals.

So, whether you’re:

  • A pro fighter looking to step into the cage in the best shape of your life
  • A competitive or recreational martial artist who wants to perform at your potential
  • Someone into functional, well-rounded fitness who appreciates new and innovate workouts
  • In need of expert guidance in overcoming injuries and pain
  • Looking for the most time-efficient programs because you've got a busy life
  • Wanting to avoid information overload, confusion and constant over-hyped sales pitches for new workout and diet fads

Then joining me inside powerDOJO is for YOU.

And right now, because I’m in the midst of making this move, you can lock in at the lowest charter member rate and save big time.

When you signup, it’s my intention that you and I have a mutually beneficial, long term Coach-Client relationship and I’d rather have fewer quality relationships than sell a ton of programs to people that don’t use them, even if it means I make less money.

So if this makes even a little bit of sense to you, click the button below for more about everything you get when you become a powerDOJO member:

Coach, tell me more about powerDOJO!


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5 years ago

the video about periodization is not there, it shows video nr 2 again.

5 years ago

Hey coach sounds awesome but the link is broken!!