Video #3: Biomotor Assessments

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Additional Notes

1. The powerDOJO Fitness Profile

I showed this in a previous update but here’s another example:


This is a cumulative score of all the tests for each Biomotor Ability.

As you can clearly see, my next area of focus is POWER.

But I’ve got to pass the requirements for each test to get to the next belt level.

I’ve created the system so that you build your fitness abilities in the right order – logical and periodized.


2. Where You Are… And Where You Want To GO.

Here’s a screenshot of the Current Fitness Stats vs. Belt Requirements Graph (click to enlarge):


This is basically a deeper breakdown of the Fitness Profile, where you see your stats for each Biomotor Assessment and you have a comparison to the goal for your current Belt Level, so you know the exact assessments you’ve got to improve to get to the next level.

These are 2 of the features that give you a birdseye view of your current fitness relative to what a powerDOJO Black Belt would be.

And if and when you meet all Black Belt requirements – you’re going to be one mean mofo, whether you step in the cage or not.

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7 years ago

Hey bro,

I train ITF Tae Kwon Do for some years, but, you know, TKD is very soft, for females and dancers when you see the MMA.

Maybe, here in South America (Bolivia) the instructors are really bad. If you talk about weight training, they are absolutely ignorants.

En fin.

Your sistem is great. Really.

For me, is like the firts time, you know.

Thanks for the free info Eric.

I wait yur next class my master.

Thanks bro.


7 years ago

Eric ,

Been watching for a while .
Thank you for all the free info .

Im 29 been doing kungfu for 10year’s , but wasent getting where i wanted to be .
since iv been educated by you . Iv been doing just 2h of weights and 1h running per/week , as outlined in “cage-cardio” .
giving me more time to spend on technique , and skills .

Iv got my first kickboxing match coming up in 11 day’s .
And moving to Barcelona in October to teach Taiji quan .
And Get it to MMA .

Thank you again .