Tips for Your First MMA Fight

I’ve been catching up all week since I was across the country in Vancouver for my boy Joe’s first amateur MMA fight at the Canadian Amateur MMA Championships…

It was a tournament style and he won his first fight but lost his second.

The tournament was great – tons of people and really well organized, props to Don and Louise who put on a fabulous show. All amateur MMA events should be run this smoothly!

I’m proud of Joe for stepping into the cage and getting one step closer to his ultimate goal…

Here’s a video of his first fight:

Now I want to share some of the tips that both Joe and I learned as we got ready for this fight that will help you if you’re planning to have your first one soon.

It takes a lot of hard work, guts and drive to get off the sidelines and actually make it happen.

So many guys talk, but few actually follow through and take action!

As is the case after any fight – we’ve learned a lot and have a lot to work on.

For those of you who are about to compete in MMA, BJJ, or any other combat sport for the first time, I’d like to share a few tips that I learned in hanging out with Joe all weekend to help you perform your best when it’s your time.

The first one is to MINIMIZE the pressure you put on yourself for the fight.

It’s likely not for a UFC championship, but even if it was, you wouldn’t want to approach it any differently.

Approach the fight like you’re sparring your teammates. No big deal, just another day at the gym.

The more pressure you put on yourself by telling all your friends and family about it, posting it on your facebook and thinking that your career is hinging on the outcome of this fight – the higher probability you have of tensing up and taking focus away from what you need to do – stay relaxed and do your best.

If it’s your first fight, it might be a good idea to tell a few close friends and that’s it. Let them know the outcome after all is said and done and let them know about your next fight.

You’ll seem a lot cooler if you do this too. 🙂

Next, make sure you come prepared.

This means, food, lots of water, all your gear, your MP3 player, etc.

Make a list before you head out and check off everything so you’re not panicking when it’s fight day and you realize you have no jock!

Missing something or being unprepared is the worst thing you want to do since you’ll already be a bit on the edge.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

The old saying applies to MMA as much as it does your life.

It doesn’t matter what the dude across from you looks like, whether he’s jacked, looks like he just got out of prison for beheading baby kittens, or if he looks like he’s never left the public library – you never know how tough a guy will be, so don’t under or overestimate him by the way he looks!

This one affected Joe in his second fight.

He thought his opponent looked mean and tough and he let it get to him.

Whatever he looks like just picture him in a pink tutu and ballerina slippers and I guarantee he’ll no longer seem too tough. 🙂

The final tip I’d like to share is to RELAX and HAVE FUN!

All the hard work is done.

The training is where you put yourself through grueling workouts and put the time and effort in for this day.

But don’t worry – it’s not a big deal, there will be more to come, right?

So just think of fight day like game day in football or hockey – they don’t call it game day because you’re supposed to get all nervous and tense – it’s game day because it’s FUN!

Once it’s all over – it’s back to training, so enjoy it while you can.

You’ll likely be nervous for your first fight. If you’re not, then cool. If you are – don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural.

If you didn’t put the time into your training, then you’ll learn your lesson soon enough.

But if you don’t want to learn the lesson the hard way (ie getting KO’d because you gassed out), then make sure you follow my Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program.

==> Be in Top Shape for Your Fight

Use this for your first fight and it’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about on fight day.

Even if you have no jock – you’ll be so quick, explosive and you’ll have so much confidence going in that you’ll dominate the whole fight and you won’t even need it.

But seriously, pack your jock! 😉


ps. I’m not just promoting this program because I wrote it and I’ll be able to buy lunch if you buy it – I’m promoting it because I love getting emails like this:

“Hi Eric

The whole show has been completely cancelled now. I’m going to try and get on another show as soon as I can but have no idea when that may be yet.

I feel absolutely great physically and completely ready…

My trainer is so impressed with the punching power I’ve developed. He commented on my reverse (cross) punch last week and said “you’re going to kill somebody with that”. I was also doing some focus pad work with one of the other seniors and he stepped back, looked at me and said “I think you’re going to knock him out”.

Unfortunately I’m not getting that chance but it goes to show that all the hard work has had a noticable effect. Thanks for the great programme!


==> Click Here to Follow the Same Program Craig Did to Develop ‘Killer’ Knockout Power!


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Hey I have my first fight in April on the 22…I was wondering if you had any additional tips besides those…or are you pretty confident on following just those tips

Eric Hoffpauir
Eric Hoffpauir

Hi this is a really good log. I find Joe’s fight inspirational as I have just started MMA with some of my friends and we are learning the basics right now, but I cannot wait until the day my sensei says we’re allowed to go to a real fight!!! I’m so excited, I can’t contain my eagerness, and while I train and improve I will keep this in my head, keep my pressure under control and be prepared!!! Btw we are Highschool Students!!


Thanks for the good words guys! Much appreciated. 🙂


great post as usual!


firstly congratulations for Joe winning his first fight! the tips are great, and so many first timers including myself get caught up in the whole ‘tell my friends scenario’ that we even get people to come watch the fight that we dont give a shit about, this is a mistake that I made, but if there are guys getting ready for their first fight do not feel under pressure to sell tickets even for a ticket deal, its all good getting som extra spondoolies or as you would say over there (bucks) but on this level we are here to fight the money don mean shit! another great tip for any fighter is to read material by Brian Cain he advised me on a couple of books, one I like is called heads up baseball, now I dont know the game of baseball but the principles behind the psychology fits… Read more »