Programs That Produce Measurable Results

Here are the programs I’ve created that have helped fighters win in the UFC, mixed martial artists have more fun and get more out of their MMA training and regular folk get the physique and fitness of an elite fighter without ever stepping inside a cage.

When it comes to creating programs for purchase, here are the principles that I follow:

  • To give you an easy to follow, step-by-step program that doesn’t require an advanced degree to figure out what to do
  • To give you the results promised (you must follow the program to get results, obviously)
  • To give you more in value than what you paid

With the programs below, I feel I’ve met these 3 criteria…

That’s why all of my programs come with my 60 Day No Holds Barred Guarantee LIFETIME PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE – if you’re unhappy with a purchase, you run into some money problems, or even if you didn’t like the fonts I used, email me and I’ll refund all of your money, no questions, no hassles.

Plus, you can keep the program if you want – the bottom line is that I want you to get good results on a properly designed program designed for your goals, I’m not trying to sell you a “quick-fix” to make a “quick-buck”. I want you to be happy ecstatic with your purchase so you’ll be a satisfied, loyal customer for life.

Shoulder Flexibility Solution

WHAT IT IS: a program that will help you assess what your greatest shoulder flexibility challenge is, whether it's rounded shoulders, trouble reaching overhead or behind your back, winged scapula, forward head, etc... then a step-by-step routine to help you fix it.

WHO IT’S FOR:  anyone who wants loose and free shoulders, has tight shoulders that cause pain, limits performance in the gym and in sports such as martial arts, golf and baseball and simply makes you feel older, stiffer and weaker than you really are



Hip Flexibility Solution

WHAT IT IS: the fastest and most effective program for unlocking tight hips to help you kick higher and harder, Squat deeper, Deadlift without straining your low back and fix compensatory hip, knee and back pain.

WHO IT’S FOR: Mixed Martial Artists, Powerlifters, Olympic Lifters, Cross Fitters, rock climbers and anyone looking to maximize their athletic and fitness potential who feels they’re held back by tight, inflexible hips.


Scap Control

WHAT IT IS: a program that will teach you how your scapular are supposed to function and help you build the scapular strength and stability

WHO IT’S FOR: this program is for you if you've got chronic, nagging shoulder pain that you've never been able to get rid of and it's probably one of the best programs for those with winged scapula or frozen shoulder that hasn't responded to other treatments


Ultimate MMA Strength & ultimate-mma-master-manual Conditioning Program v2.0

WHAT IT IS: the most comprehensive strength and conditioning program for mixed martial arts available. Includes strength training, power development, power endurance training, cardio, medicine ball exercises, mobility and flexibility, injury prevention and more.

WHO IT’S FOR:  Mixed Martial Artists, BJJ players, Muay Thai fighters and other combat athletes who are training with the goal of fighting either amateur or pro and want an easy to follow, step-by-step, periodized program to develop explosive power and endless cardio.


MMA RIPPEDmma-ripped-3d-precamp

WHAT IT IS: an exclusive 8-week small group coaching program based on 4 workouts per week designed to help you build functional, athletic muscle and torch fat FAST. The workouts change every 2 weeks forcing your body to adapt to get you the fastest results possible.

WHO IT’S FOR: anyone who wants to build a lean, athletic and functional body and be personally coached to ensure the best results possible. Guaranteed to be the most fun yet challenging fat burning workouts you’ve done in your life.


eXplosive Muscle
Building Blueprint

WHAT IT IS: an 8-week program teaching you a new method of building muscle that avoids the 3 biggest problems of traditional bodybuilding for athletes:
1) decreased speed/power
2) excess muscular soreness and
3) excess fatigue.

WHO IT’S FOR: any athlete who needs to add muscle AND build functional power at the same time without taking too much time away from skill training or making you too sore to develop skills effectively. A must for any skinny athlete who wants to be taken seriously and achieve their potential.


Olympic Lifting olm_mastermanual
Mastery Course

WHAT IT IS: a comprehensive yet simple, step-by-step program designed to help you quickly master the most explosive exercises on the planet – the Olympic lifts – so you can reap their benefits while performing them safely and with confidence.

WHO IT’S FOR: any athlete requiring explosive power, such as MMA fighters, football players, hockey players, etc who want to learn proper technique in the Olympic lifts. Unless you run marathons you need to be performing these efficient exercises. Plus you’ll feel like a badass in the gym.


Python Power For python_power_exercise_library
Extreme Submissions

WHAT IT IS: a 6-week program including everything you need to develop nasty submission strength and endless submission stamina. Trains the muscles and movement patterns related to pulling off chokes and armbars.

WHO IT’S FOR: any MMA fighter, BJJ player, or submission artist who knows they’d be getting more finishes in fights, competitions, or training if they didn’t gas out so quickly. If you want to add another weapon to your arsenal and never have to give up a submission because you’re fatigued again, this program is for you.


Program 4pugilists-cover-3d-web3 Pugilists

WHAT IT IS: 2 phase periodized S&C program designed to develop quickness, cardio and punching power in the minimum amount of time possible.

WHO IT’S FOR: boxers or striking athletes who want to develop knockout power in their hands, endless cardio and quickness on their feet. The 2 unique phases allow you to maintain a high level of fitness and take fights on short notice (2 weeks), since boxing is notorious for this so you’ve got to be ready.