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  • Brendon

    Reply Reply August 19, 2016

    Ok i have a few questions when i raise my arms i can feel the bone moving and there seems to be some restriction/pain but for me feels more on the middle delt area…my arm movement is fully raised with no spinal correction, front or side but i my shoulders do click when moving but my ankles do the same…is this still a scapular problem?

    When i tried the strength test i couldnt really feel the scaps move it felt move like i was dropping and raising my body…is this core or is it scap?

    I use your scapular wall technique on shoulder training days it works well thanks…my third and final question is when i bench i find my front delts get sore before any other muscle, i try to push my scap down and keep them there before performing the bench movement….is this normal are my front delt weak or is it my scaps…and am i doing the right thing by push my scaps down before benching? coudl do you some videos if needed.

    Many thanks for putting more science back into training.

    regards Brendon

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