3 Steps to Better Glute Activation During Deadlifts

I recently got this question about glute activation from a VIP subscriber:


This is a very common situation people find themselves in because our glutes are often sleepy because we sit on them all day and it’s particularly difficult to get the glutes firing during Deadlifts.

There’s another point about glute activation that relates to your hip flexors that a lot of people don’t know, but we’ll cover this after the video.

Speaking of which – the 3 step approach I outline in the video will help get sleepy glutes firing again and you can apply the same philosophy behind the approach to help get ANY muscle group that’s not firing to work better.

So if you’ve got other muscles that don’t work properly, like your lats, rhomboids or even your obliques – you can use the same thinking to achieve your goal.

Check it out now:

To summarize the 3 steps to better glute activation during Deadlifts:

  1. Get the glutes SORE, so you can easily feel them working when Deadlifting. I suggest doing Bulgarian Split Squats to achieve this. Do 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps per leg.
  2. When your glutes are sore, do some Deadlifts, but start with 2 specific activation exercises, the 4 Point Hip Extension (open chain) and the Wall Hip Bridge (closed chain). Do 4-6 reps and hold for 5 sec, squeezing those glutes hard. It’s also fun to explore other movements and how they feel when your glutes are already sore, for example – Squats.
  3. Get into your Deadlifts and start just with the hinge movement while focusing on glute activation. Slowly ramp up and only go as high as you can while maintaining glute activation. It may be lower than your max, but if your goal is glute activation, this is the way to go and you’ll progress from here.

Now, let’s go into what I I mentioned about sleepy glutes and hip flexors – if your glutes aren’t firing properly, you’re likely going to have tight hip flexors.

The reason why is because your glutes create hip extension and when they don’t function properly, you’ll lose this hip extension and the hip flexors will compensate and tighten up.

The old “use it or lose it” principle.

When your glutes are firing well and you can go into full hip extension, your hip flexors get STRETCHED to their limit and this helps maintain full range of motion.

Make sense?

This is part of the reason why the Hip Flexibility Solution program works so well to loosen up tight hips – because it’s based on building flexibility through greater strength in the end ranges of motion.

If you have tight hips, you’ll have to address the problem holistically, otherwise you’ll constantly be frustrated because you’ll stretch until the cows come home but will never gain any lasting results.


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6 years ago

Thankyou????????????????will give this a go

6 years ago

Great tips. Many thanks!