Best cardio for FAT LOSS?

I was skimming through the never-ending pile of emails in my Inbox and after the excitement of reading a status update on my new project from my manufacturer (sample is READY) I saw this question from Jeremy in response to the last few emails I’ve sent regarding conditioning and cardio:

“Eric, I’m not a fighter but I like training like one. My main goal is fat loss. What’s the best type of cardio workout for fat loss?”

If you pose this question to a dozen different experts, you’ll get a dozen different responses…

And I think my response is different than ALL those different responses.

[Tell me if you agree after reading it, ok?]

First, let’s not talk nutrition, even though it’s a more powerful lever when it comes to losing fat, so we can focus our conversation.

Now, fat loss is not all about training in the “fat-burning zone” or the “afterburn” effect (EPOC)…

It’s not about “tricking” your body into fat burning mode or “hacking” your way to a faster metabolism.

It IS about 2 things:

Consistency + Adaptability

Consistency does not get the attention it deserves.

It’s like the good looking tom boy in high school who played sports and had a great sense of humour but couldn’t get a date to the prom.

Without consistency, you have nothing.

You have WASTED time and energy.

And it’s not just about the action of making a training schedule.

That’s just the surface…

It’s more about the things that will help you stick to that schedule.

Things like:

  • Training with proper technique
  • Choosing the right intensity and volume so you don’t get overtrained or injured
  • Taking care of yourself by sleeping and eating well so your body has the capacity it needs to change itself into its new leaner form
  • Etc…

Got it?

Cool – NEXT:

Adaptability is another bastard child forgotten by the hucksters selling the latest tricks and magic pills.

They say, “Oh, just do 4 minutes of this ancient Japanese doctors magic interval formula and you’ll have a body that’s 3.4% fat… in just 7 days!”


The thing is, no matter how effective the protocol is at the beginning, your body will ALWAYS adapt to it so it becomes less effective over time.

That’s just what your body does.

To combat this, you can do 2 things (I recommend you do them both):

  • Maintain technique while continually pushing the intensity level at which you execute the workout
  • Progress the workout so it’s harder in some way via more work (more reps, sets, exercises) and/or less rest

This is how you systematically progress a workout to the point where it’s returns diminish, which takes around 4 weeks, before changing the workout up completely.

Here’s an example of a progression plan for a workout from CAGE Cardio Bodyweight:

Pay attention to the progression of sets and rest periods – this forces your body to continue to adapt, which will keep conditioning AND fat loss moving in the right direction.

Does this make sense?

If it does, reply and just say “yeah buddy” just so I know I communicated my message clearly, because it’s important you get this.

Best thing about Consistency and Adaptability is that they’re fundamental PRINCIPLES, not “tricks” or “hacks” and they can be applied to improve ALL the training you do.

“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life.”

Principles are how you learn how to fish and is what I want for you.

But if you are a bit hungry right now, here’s the fish on a silver platter that will help you do exactly what I’ve taught you here as if you were one of my athletes.


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nick chavez
nick chavez
7 years ago

Yeah buddy

Eric Baker
Eric Baker
7 years ago

Yeah Buddy

Tom Hale
Tom Hale
7 years ago

Yeah buddy!!! I’m a former Marine and believe in working hard. But I believe in working smarter also. These principles and methods are working for me. I have started applying them to the warmups in my martial arts classes. I make sure to credit you and encourage my students to check your site out. Thanks!!!

Steve K
Steve K
8 years ago

yeah buddy. You are right on the mark in my mind.

Ryan Clayton
Ryan Clayton
8 years ago

Hey IV been teeing to reach you for years please email me back i have a question for you about our old hockey games the ones your dad recorded