Advanced Core Circuit for RIPPED Abs

eric-wong-ripped-absThe conventional exercises most people use to train their abs suck.

What I’m talking more about is how they do the exercises, typically with tons of reps of shitty little crunches or bicycle abs or something, or super long holds of planks.

What’s more effective is stringing different exercises that require different qualities, such as training in different planes of motion, hitting different aspects of your abs and in different positions, like lying prone or supine or hanging from a bar.

This is how I train my pro and UFC fighters so I’m guessing it’ll work for you too.

Best of all – in today’s video I’m hooking you up with a nasty little circuit that will absolutely torch your core that includes ALL of these elements.

I suggest starting off at 2 rounds, then progressing up slowly to 4 or 5 rounds, then moving on to something else.

Your core adapts very quickly so it responds better to variety compared to other muscle groups, which are a lot dumber and respond better to repeated stimuli.

Check the workout then if you want some more killer core exercises and routines that don’t suck, peep the link under the vid because you want to keep throwing new routines at your abs for best results.

Like I said, VARIETY is key because your core is a neuromuscularly intelligent muscle group.

The reason why is because it is designed to protect vital areas of your body (spine, organs) and is used in pretty much every movement you do, so it has learned HOW TO LEARN very well!

That’s why I suggest you check out this link:

Click Here for More Advanced Core Routines

These routines on the page above were designed by my pal and fellow Torontonian Andrew, who is a 2-time Ontario Gold Medalist in Boxing and Muay Thai Champ.

I highly suggest you peep it to ensure you’ve got everything you need to win the war on your core!

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5 years ago

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due to it’s nice articles

5 years ago

Awesome video! Spot on. I’m going to test this tomorrow!