Activating the CORE for Power

Here’s why we need to learn how to properly activate the core muscles:

If you spend much of your time sitting on the computer, watching TV or driving (or hopefully not on the toilet), then you NEED to learn how to properly activate the muscles responsible for torso rotation if you’re interested in maximizing your punching power.

Sitting puts a beating on the core muscles, and eventually, they’ll get KO’d.

The oblique muscles are the muscles in the core responsible for rotating your torso.

Rotation of the torso is a key component to powerful punches.

The problem is that most people’s obliques aren’t firing properly.

Watch the video to discover how to fix this, then leave your Comments about the activation exercise below:

Make sure you follow along with the activation exercise to see how your obliques are firing.

Let me know how it went in the Comments below.


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colin Tame
colin Tame

I agree with all the other comments, your easy to understand using the kiss method of explaining.

Very good.


[…] Activating the Core for Punching Power […]


Hi Eric.. Great vid as usual..
Just wondered – Have you done any mma (or such: bjj, karate, MT, sambo etc)fighting yourself?


nice one i enjoy your techniques and the way you explain them makes it easy to understand! Also they have real benefits and you can see that too thanks keep em comming


Thanks Eric, a great way of explaining what is happening INSIDE during rotation, and why this is important for the end result.


Thank’s Erik for another sliver of information from that great MMA mind of yours I was working on your MMA RIPPED throwing crosses and pivoting 90 deg’s this really helps my focus and core activation in the basic hand techniques of MMA . thank you your right it added about 4-6 inches to my punch.Please keep them coming bro you rock.


I”d liek to know the instruction you are referring to. i think i could learn from it. Care to quote or share what you were doing vs what you are doing now so i can get the jist of it please.


Between your hip/knee stability exercises
and some hip mobility exercises I’ve been doing, I think I’ve got this one nailed!