3 Tips for Olympic Lifting Mastery

3 Simple Tips To Mastering the Olympic Lifts

The 3 tips I’m sharing with you on this page and the simple, step-by-step system I’ve created was designed for guys who get punched, kicked, and choked for a living. Sometimes, that can make learning complex exercises like the Olympic lifts challenging. That’s why I’ve been forced to break them down as simply as possible. If they can follow it, you can too!

Tip #1 - Visualize the Trajectory of the Bar

The very first thing that the course instructor, ex-Canadian Olympic team member Larry Sheppard taught us was about the trajectory of the bar.

When you’re looking at the lifts, often times you’re looking at the lifter and how his body is positioned.

But instead of that, try looking only at the trajectory of the bar.

What’ll you see is that in elite lifters, the bar has very little horizontal movement.

Too much horizontal movement is wasted energy and causes missed lifts because it’s difficult to stabilize a couple hundred pounds being thrown forwards or backwards.

So before you lift, visualize the trajectory of the bar that you want to accomplish and your lifts will instantly improve.

Tip #2 - The “Drop” Drill

The drop drill is a very simple drill to build muscle memory for quickly assuming the proper foot position when you’re catching the barbell in either the Clean or the Snatch.

There are many variations of this drill that you can use with a dowel and a barbell for both lifts.

The one we’re going to go through here is one of the first exercises I teach my athletes when I’m teaching the Olympic lifts; it’s called the Drop Power Snatch and all you need is a dowel.

Exercise Instructions

  • Start with a dowel at shoulder level, resting in your fingertips with your elbows high
  • Stand up on your tippy toes, hip width apart; pause for 2 seconds
  • Drop into the Power position, spreading your feet wider and driving the dowel up into the slot at the same time

Once you’ve mastered this drill, when you go to execute the Clean or Snatch, you won’t have to think about your foot positioning anymore and you’ll have mastered one of the important links in the Olympic lifting chain.

Tip #3 - The Controlled First Pull

I was in the gym practicing the Olympic lifts one day and a guy came up to me and said to me, “Mind if I give you a tip?”

He wasn’t a dick about it so I replied, “Sure.” I’m always up for refining my form.

“When you lift the bar off the floor, you’ve got to explode up. You’re going too slow,” he said.

“Oh yeah?”

We chatted a bit more, then I continued to do my lifts as I was before, with a controlled first pull, because exploding right off the floor is one of the biggest myths of Olympic lifting and the quickest way to missed lifts.

Watch any elite lifter and you’ll see that the first pull from the floor to the kneecaps is always performed under control.

You must pull under control for 2 reasons:

  • To maintain the optimal body position for the next phase of the lift
  • So you can impart a high level of acceleration during the most crucial portion of the lift: the second pull

The second pull is where you either make the lift or you don’t.

If your body isn’t in the correct alignment at the start of the second pull, good luck at trying to complete the lift.

And if you’ve already created a high level of acceleration off the floor, you won’t be able to accelerate as much during the second pull.

Now, I’ve got a question for all fighters, athletes and serious fitness buffs…

Who Else Wants To Look And Perform
Like A Pro Athlete?

If you like watching sports and admire the strength and power required to perform at the highest level, then now is your chance to master 2 fundamental exercises with a step-by-step training system used by top MMA fighters and other elite athletes.

Perhaps you’ve tried the Olympic lifts before but you know your form is off and don’t want to push it and hurt yourself.

Or maybe…

You’re new to the Olympic lifts and you realize how effective they are for becoming explosive and you want to learn how to do them safely and effectively.

As you may already know, I’ve trained UFC fighters including Claude Patrick and Mark Bocek and UFC-vet Jeff Joslin (all pictured below), as well as dozens of other pro and amateur mixed martial artists.

The Olympic Lifts Are Used To Make My Fighters Explosive And Shredded

Over the years, I’ve had to develop and refine a brain-dead simple, step-by-step method to teach these knuckleheads how to properly execute the lifts. Because let’s face it – if you’re getting punched in the head on a regular basis, you need things to be as easy as possible. 😛

Now, I know what it’s like to lack confidence in your technique…

When I first started learning the lifts, I scoured the internet, watched dozens of YouTube videos and practiced in my home gym that was in my parent’s basement. I was using an old barbell set with a mix of those fat vinyl weights and standard plates.

I found I was beating my body up and I was never confident that my form was good.

But I kept trying at it basically because doing these exercises was pretty cool…


Check Out the Science PROVING the Powerful
Benefits Of the Olympic Lifts:

Well neither do I, or any of the athletes I train for that matter…

But if you’re an athlete, explosive power is key to your success and the Olympic lifts are the fastest path to its development.

In fact, a 2005 study by Tricoli et al showed that compared to a vertical jump specific program, an Olympic lifting based program produced a greater increase in vertical jump!

We know that the vertical jump is a great measure of your lower body’s explosiveness, but I wouldn’t have guessed an Olympic lifting based program would beat a vertical jump specific program for increasing this important measure.

Another study by John Garhammer published in 1993 showed that when compared to the Deadlift, the Olympic lifts produce over 3X as much power!

But if you’re not an athlete and you’re just someone who wants to stay fit and healthy, doing these lifts is another tool you can use to keep your workouts fun and interesting.

Anyway, I invested in a book and DVD package from one of the world’s top Olympic lifting coaches.

I thought this was going to be the answer I was looking for to clean up my technique…

But I Was Overloaded With Info And
Found I Was Even More Confused!

Still, I tried executing the lifts with all of these details floating through my head and one day, I actually failed at the bottom and had to throw these dinosaur weights off in a big crash!

My parents ran down to make sure I was OK, only to find me sitting there in embarrassment.

I felt like such a tool!

The worst was the next day when my thumbs and wrists were SHOT from trying to push the weight without good form.

I continued to play around with the lifts, particularly the Clean, but it wasn’t until I started training UFC fighters – the best mixed martial artists on the planet – that I knew I had to totally refine my technique and more importantly, my teaching method.

So I attended a 2-day workshop put on by the Association responsible for training Canada’s Olympic coaches and got to work on creating, testing, and tweaking my method of teaching the Olympic lifts, which brings us here today…

Now, before I show you what you need to be doing to quickly master the most explosive lifts in existence, if you don’t know how to perform these moves it’s not your fault.

Until now, there hasn't been a single resource that outlines a simple, step-by-step process using layman’s terms of how to perform these highly technical lifts.

I know – because I’ve gone through the resources out there and I know that if I gave them to one of my fighters, they’d be totally lost.

It was the 2-day workshop that I attended that helped put everything I’d learned in the past together in a way that made sense.

So if you want to learn the lifts and make sure that you’re learning everything you need to know, I’ve created a simple, step-by-step program that will quickly have you lifting in perfect technique.

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