The Deep Squat Wall Walk

In today’s drill that I call the Deep Squat Wall Walk, we’re going to bring together the 2 separate elements that we worked on in the previous 2 posts on the blog (Deep Squat Pivot, T-Spine Exercises), which are deep squat mobility and thoracic spine extension.

This is an example of how we progress techniques – we build basic levels of ability separately, then put them together.

This also increases efficiency since we’re essentially killing 2 birds with one stone.

So we’re going to build strength out of the deep squat position today, specifically targeting the rectus femoris, which is a 2-joint muscle that causes hip flexion and knee extension.

rectus-femorisThe rec fem is a muscle that is not thought of much and when we do think of it, the common thought is that it’s always tight and needs to be stretched.

But as I’ve been trying to hammer home over YEARS – flexibility and mobility is not just about stretching and lengthening tissues – it’s more about building strength in new (end) ranges of motion.

This is true especially as we get older…

…because tightness often occurs as a response to muscle weakness to increase joint stability and if we just stretch without restoring strength, we’re actually decreasing joint stability which is counter to the goals of our nervous system (stable, safe and healthy joints).

So this exercise is going to help build strength in the rec fem and other quad muscles out of the end range of knee flexion, as well as improve overhead shoulder mobility and thoracic spine extension.

Go for anywhere from 4-10 reps pre or post workout and you’re good to go.

And before you go I’m wondering – do you have any specific pain right now that impairs or prevents you from exercising?

If so, let me know what it is below as I’m gathering ideas for future videos.


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