CAGE Cardio A+L Workout: The BURN

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Here’s a summary of what’s in this video:

  • A 3 exercise bodyweight circuit that works upper body, lower body and core
  • An explanation of the structure upon which the workout is built
  • Different concepts on progression and how to apply them to the workout I share with you
  • A chance to win my upcoming product :-)

Make sure you watch to the end so you get everything because what we cover will help you understand the workouts and training that’s coming.

If you want to do this workout, start off at 3-4 sets with 2 minutes of rest in between, then progress it how I show you in the video. And if you do try it out, let me know how it goes!

The BURN is one of 6 workout cards included with the CAGE Cardio Bodyweight Fight Deck:

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43 Comments on "CAGE Cardio A+L Workout: The BURN"

2 months 7 days ago

IT seems to be on the verge of being Alactic.

3 months 6 days ago

My guess is this workout is a little bit more to Latic than to Aerobic, and it’s due to the timming intervals…
Isn’t it, Mr. Wong?

Herman Kepani Jr
6 months 11 days ago

I’m 56 and I teach Judo, Boxing, Maui Thai and Wrestling. This is one of the best workouts with a thorough explanation of structure and progression!

Paul roy
6 months 17 days ago

The burn workout is aerobic + lactic

7 months 22 hours ago

Hi Eric.

Can this cardio A + L workout be done at the same time as a cardio A + A workout?

If so, which one should go first ?


10 months 8 days ago

I like it good stuff Thanks Eric

1 year 19 days ago

I really liked this workout it’s not to easy and it doesn’t really take a lot of room to do. I can do this in my motel rooms when I’m on the road.

Hector Bermudez
1 year 20 days ago

Systemic A+L because of the time spent on each sequence.

1 year 22 days ago

Anerobic lactate

1 year 24 days ago

Great info as always. Can you give me some insight into why you did the progression like that?

Thank you,


1 year 25 days ago


Drew Elborne
1 year 26 days ago

It is a balance,strength and endurance workout so it covers all the aspects
aerobic, anaerobic. the progression is also lactic so overall it would be hard
to put it in one sum up bloody good workout

1 year 26 days ago

Anerobic Lactate with the timed sets in seconds and rest periods. It’s like your thruster 2.0, trx, and 180s.

Yehoshua Zohar
1 year 26 days ago


1 year 26 days ago

Hey Eric,
This workout will work the Aerobic+ Lactic energy system.

1 year 26 days ago


Angel Martinez
1 year 27 days ago

looks like an Aerobic Hypertrophy workout since time under tension is 40 seconds,and the energy system is Aerobic Lactic, since A-Lactic does not last as long as Lactic System, looks great Eric

1 year 27 days ago

Aerobic Lactic (AL)

Rav Singh
1 year 27 days ago

Anaerobic Lactic

1 year 27 days ago

aerobic…(but not like a marathon more like a 1500m run)

Mark Ruth
1 year 27 days ago

Anaerobic Lactic!

1 year 27 days ago

You called it a simple workout

1 year 27 days ago

Simple, not necessarily easy 😉

1 year 27 days ago

Aerobic & Lactic

1 year 27 days ago

Hi Eric,
As the anaerobic and aerobic energy systems are generally complementary, it is the balance which is important and in this case the workout would be more aerobic than anaerobic and much more so than lactic.

1 year 27 days ago

API aerobic power interval

1 year 27 days ago

Given the high reps Aerobic and Lactic. Also the progression by reduction in rest time and increase in sets/time suggests an endurance workout which is why I say Aerobic and Lactic

1 year 27 days ago


Michael Van den Bossche
1 year 27 days ago

Def. a Lactic Aerobic!!

Allan read
1 year 27 days ago

Not sure but I’m not the best when it comes to pop quizzes

1 year 27 days ago

I’d say Anaerobic Lactic…

1 year 27 days ago

Aerobic lactic is the energy system

1 year 27 days ago

YOS – you my friend, are the winner, since you were next in terms of time to correctly guess Aerobic + Lactic as the energy systems being worked, based on my CAGE Cardio system of conditioning.

However, I see that your email address is from Buffalo, and being from Hamilton, we had a bitter rivalry with city’s hockey players and I don’t know if I can stomach hooking you up. 😉

J/K, when the product launches, I’ll ensure that we get your info so we can send it your way.

1 year 26 days ago

Awesome possum Eric! Looking forward to learning more.

Matteo Mura
1 year 27 days ago

Hey Eric,

Thanks for the workout.

Well, given your slow tempo and your set time length (~40″), I would say you were training the most the anaerobic lactic system.

1 year 27 days ago


1 year 27 days ago

Hi Eric,

Nice little workout. I would say it’s a Systemic Aerobic+Lactic workout

1 year 27 days ago

Aaaand, we have a winner…

No surprise, it’s one of my powerDOJO members!


Because Riccardo is an esteemed powerDOJO Kyoudai, all active Kyoudai will be receiving my upcoming product for free.

Therefore, I’ll have to pick someone else. 😉

BONUS – Riccardo was the only one to mention the fact that it’s a Systemic Lactic workout, which shows his advanced brain power!

1 year 27 days ago

Anaerobic lactic system

1 year 27 days ago



Matt Parker
1 year 27 days ago

Anaerobic Lactic

jimmy clegg
1 year 27 days ago


1 year 27 days ago

Hi Eric
as a learning coach,i would say because of the rest period plus the speed in which the exercise is done, it is an aerobic workout