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Maximize Power Ground Up Transfer (and activate your serratus anterior)

You might start getting more videos from me shot in my basement workout corner. My 6 month old baby girl Livia is the cutest thing ever and I enjoy working from home more so I can bug her often throughout the day. Because of this, you’ll be getting more corrective/patterning/activation drills that I do because…

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Punching Power – Born or Made?

In Manny Pacquiao’s controversial fight against Timothy Bradley, on a couple of occasions the (weathering) commentators mentioned that Bradley was unfortunately one of those fighters born without punching power. Unlike Mike Tyson, Anderson Silva and Chris Leben, of course, who all came out of the womb and uncorked some monster combos on the unsuspecting OB-GYN…

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How to Punch Harder

Last week I posted an exercise to help you kick higher, so this week, I thought I’d throw in another article that I know is going to be popular on how to punch harder. Punch is one of those funny words if you say it enough times, it starts to sound comical. Punch. Punch. PU-nch.…

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Knee/Hip Stability Exercises [Part 2]

As promised, here’s Part 2 of the series, and it comes to you in the form of a video   I’ve also got some more advanced exercises that follow these ones that will really jack up your hip stability and punching power… So give me at least 30 Comments and I’ll be sure to film…

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Knee Stability and Punching Power [Part 1]

Picture for a moment that you’re standing on a tightrope… As you can probably imagine, it’s pretty wobbly. You’ve got absolutely no stability and at any moment it might feel as if you’re going to fall off. Now imagine throwing a punch while you’re standing on this tightrope. How powerful do you think this punch…

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