Exercise to Strengthen Scapular Stabilizers + Stretch Pecs

The title of this post says it all…

This exercise primarily strengthens your serratus anterior and rhomboids, two muscles that are crucial to scapular stability and shoulder health.

These 2 muscles work together to keep the scapula flush to your ribcage and prevent winging.

Look at the image below and you’ll see that these muscles have the same line of pull and essentially blend into one another, with the rhomboids anchoring the scapula to the spine and the serratus anterior anchoring the scapula to the ribcage.


When they both contract, they pull the medial border of the scapula tight to the body, which is what we need to happen for a stable shoulder joint.

The exercise we’re doing today works both of these muscles at their shortened end range of motion while the pecs also get a great stretch.

Give it a shot and let me know how it feels:

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