Rope Ball Exercises for Developing KO Power

If you want to develop knockout power with your strikes, then the first thing you need to do is learn the proper technique. It’s not about slugging your opponent, it’s about the snap. Nobody teaches this better than my man Jeff Joslin.

Once you have your technique down, then it’s about training specific exercises that will allow you to maximize your skills. But most traditional gym exercises like bench press leave out a key component for developing KO power, which is improving your power in the transverse (rotational) plane.

Striking power comes from rotating the legs/hips/core into the punch, and finishing with the fist. That’s where rope ball exercises come in. You’ll not only specifically target the transverse plane, but you’ll also train that ‘snap’ that is necessary for KO power. Medicine ball throws are good as well, but the rope ball is what you need to really take it up a level. Check out two of my favourite exercises in this video:

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