Medicine Ball High Intensity Interval Training

Thought I’d make up for last post’s little joke exercise and give you something real. Here’s a simple little workout to do instead of standard 1 min hard, 1 min easy running for your interval training. Using the medicine ball for side tosses integrates core power in the transverse (rotational) plane (think punches, kicks, throws),…

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Crazy Medicine Ball Exercise for MMA

Hey Guys, This is the most amazing medicine ball exercise for MMA that I have ever learned. Do 10 reps of 4 sets, 60 seconds rest between sets and you will feel like a new fighter:

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The Inferno LIVE – Thursday’s at 10pm

Jeff Joslin is hosting a live web show (PG-13) every Thursday at 10pm. I’ll be a special guest tonight (if I can get my webcam working). Check it out at: He’s got a contest running, so if you want to join, you have to have a proper name and e-mail signed up, just go…

Read More → has launched!, the most complete online MMA instructional resource launched today. If you’re a mixed-martial artist, or just want to understand MMA techniques a little more, you have to check out this site. We’re running a special right now, the cost is only $10.95 per month to sign-up! This is a ridiculously low price, considering I…

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MMA Conditioning Pyramid Circuit Workout

I’m currently training for the Joslin’s Canadian Open BJJ tournament in November. Unfortunately I’ve been nursing a sprained thumb over the last couple of weeks, but it should be 100% by next week. That hasn’t stopped me from my conditioning though. I went to the park for a quickie and thought I’d share. Check it…

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Get JACKED with only ONE workout!

I was working with a client today and he showed me a sample of a new supplement that the rep at the supplement shop gave him with his protein powder. Here’s a pic: He asked me, “Should I take this, is it any good?” I looked at the package for about 2 whole seconds before…

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We’ve had a few people comment on the intro video over at Here’s the video: If you don’t know what is – it’s an online mixed-martial arts instructional website started by myself and UFC veteran Jeff Joslin. Jeff’s been out with post-concussion syndrome since April 2007, which sucks because he’s such a talented…

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BIG Announcement

I’ve been working hard on a new project and it’s almost ready to launch. If you’re serious about taking your MMA to another level, then you need to know about this! But I can’t spoil all of the fun right now, so if you want to make sure you’re notified of this project, subscribe to…

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New Blog!

Hey Everyone, I’ve decided to start blogging regularly about topics related to MMA Performance, specifically, training and nutrition. I’ll be posting regularly here, so be sure to check it out, as I have a BIG announcement that you won’t want to miss!

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The Fight Shape Blueprint

6 Essential Steps To Get In Top Fight Shape By Eric Wong, BSc, CSCS You’ve found it… This resource is designed to give you an overview of the exact steps you must take to get in top fight shape. You see, many martial artists are confused about what it truly takes to get in top…

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