Get More Chokes, Armbars and TAPS With This Exercise


In my last post I shared a video that I dubbed my “Lowlights” video…

I asked you to guess why I named it such and Jay_G got it right with his Comment:

Because Jay_G watched the video and left his Comment, he’s going to win the new Python Power Program that I’m releasing on May 30. [Congratulations Jay_G! I’ve got your email and I’ll be in touch when the program is live with your D/L link]

That just goes to show that it pays to read the articles, watch the videos and COMMENT.

Maybe next time you’ll win something cool, but you won’t win anything if you don’t participate. You might even get that chance right now in this article… Read the whole thing to be sure… 🙂

Now you may be curious as to what this Python Power Program is all about…

Well, after that tournament, I had to re-evaluate what went on…

Like Jay_G said, I had full mount, back with hooks in and lots of opportunities to finish some of the matches off.

But I couldn’t do it!

Have you ever caught a submission only to
lose it because you just didn’t have
the power to finish it off?

I’m embarrassed to say that I know exactly how frustrating this is, especially if you catch them with a super-slick setup…

Or worse, after failing to get the tap, YOU get caught by someone you know you’re better than, simply because you spent all your energy ending up gassed and vulnerable.

In my Lowlights Video, I finished 4th out of over 50 competitors. Not bad for only training regularly for 3 months prior.

But I wasn’t happy…

Not because I didn’t win, but because I couldn’t finish any of my opponents off, despite having numerous opportunities to do so. I just didn’t have the power or stamina to force the tap.

My conditioning to compete was there, but I didn’t have the specific fitness necessary to finish submissions.

That’s when I vowed to never let this happen again and put my 4 year $40,000 dollar university degree to work. I spent hours and hours researching and developing a program designed for one purpose only – submission strength and stamina.

I never wanted to catch my prey only to have them escape my clutches again…

I came up with new exercises and a program and was my own guinea pig. I followed it to the letter and drastically improved my submission strength and stamina, which allowed me to get way more tapouts in training.

Here’s one of the exercises to really improve your Submission Specific Strength:

[jwplayer config=”560×340 (posts)” mediaid=”3042″]

But then, I stopped training BJJ. A lot of things happened in a short period of time – I moved to Toronto, I got engaged, and more MMA fighters like Claude Patrick were contacting me to train them so I basically forgot about the program.

Fast forward a couple of years and a few days ago, I was going through my backup hard drive, looking for the movie ‘Fist of Legend’ because the post I made about the ‘Best Martial Arts Movies of All Time‘ got me excited to watch it again.

When searching for this epic movie (that you MUST watch if you haven’t yet seen it) I stumbled upon a file called ‘submission strength.doc’.

I opened it up and saw the program that I just told you about. I looked it over and while it was good, I’d learned a few things since I’d wrote it and decided to incorporate these things to bring the program up to speed.

Now, it’s better than ever and guaranteed to help you get more chokes, more armbars and more TAPS than ever before…

I’ve also been busy at work filming videos of all of the exercises in the program since many of them I invented specifically for this program.

Well, I’m putting the final touches on the program now and I can’t wait to get it in your hands.

But before we continue, I’ve got a question for you…

Why do you think I named the
program ‘Python Power’?

Let me know in the Comments section below… 🙂

Oh and hit ‘Like’ to share this awesome exercise with your pals. Thanks.

———– ** IMPORTANT UPDATE ** ————

The Python Power program is now LIVE! Check it out:

Powerful Submissions Start Here

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