Gain Overhead Mobility with THIS Technique

Overhead mobility is becoming more and more of an issue for many, whether you want it to do Snatches, Overhead Presses or Pullups, or regular tasks like getting stuff off the top shelf or putting a carryon into the overhead compartment on an airplane.

If you’ve got pain when you reach your arms up overhead, you could be suffering from bursitis or tendonitis and these inflammatory conditions are typically the result of one or a combination of the following 4 problems:

1) Poor thoracic spine mobility
2) A super tight pec minor
3) Dysfunctional movement patterns
4) Weak scapular muscles, particular the serratus anterior and lower trap

Today’s technique is that it can help address the last 2 problems, which is why I recommend you do some T-spine mobility work and release the pec minor before you try it out.

To not leave you hanging, I searched my YouTube channel to see what I’ve posted for the T-spine and found this classic (look at that full head of hair!):

And here’s a video I posted recently to release your pec minor and activate your serratus anterior:

Oh and one more thing to ensure I’m being a responsible coach, prep those wrists before hand using the 3 techniques in this vid:

Once you’ve done the prep work, give this a shot and make sure you ELEVATE your scapulae and keep your elbows locked out while breathing naturally (as best you can):

Aim for anywhere from 10-30 second hold times, ensuring you’re actively elevating your scapulae throughout and do a total of 2-4 minutes of work to help cement this range of motion into your CNS.

Do you have pain or trouble with overhead mobility?

If so, tell me what it limits you from doing in the Comments below.

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