Get a DEEPER Squat With This Drill

Today’s video is going to improve your squat mobility.

Yes, I can make such a bold claim, regardless of what you’ve done before, because I know the drill we’re going to go through includes elements I’ve never seen anyone else use to improve their squat range.

Before we get to it, one element I’d like to highlight is how it’ll help you gain ankle dorsiflexion (pulling toes up towards knee), a common factor when limited that makes people feel like they’re going to fall backwards when in the deep squat.

It’s not the only factor that contributes to this, but it’s definitely a common one.

If you run or jump a lot or do any other high impact movements on your feet, your ankles take a beating.

Over time, dorsiflexion deteriorates and because it’s not something most people (well, not peeps like you and me) think of training, it gets worse and worse where it can ultimately result in a compensatory movement and injury.

The thing is, the injury will often occur elsewhere, such as at the knee or hip.

But because the root cause is limited ankle range, it’s never addressed and you might go on for years and years hurting yourself and treating symptoms while feeling frustrated and hopeless not being able to do what you want to do.

That’s why keeping tabs on things like ankle dorsiflexion is important and this drill will help you not only keep tabs on it, but MAXIMIZE it so it never causes an issue.

That’s just ONE of the benefits of this drill and it’s why it’s a new staple in my warmup.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

Follow-along then let me know how it felt in the Comments when you’re done.

By the way, the approach used in this drill is just one reason why my Hip Flexibility Solution has proven so effective.

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