Forward Crawl: Exercise for Squat & Hamstring ROM

New Crawl Exercise for Squat & Hamstring ROM

Today, I’ve got a new crawl exercise for you that I call the Forward Squat Crawl that provides 2 major benefits:

1) Cement a deep and stable bottom squat position

2) Lengthen your hamstring ROM

A bonus benefit is it might also make you feel like an assassin.

Work up to 2-3 sets of 6 reps per but focus on QUALITY, not quantity, so even if you do just 1 rep per side properly, that’s better than 6 done poorly.

Please try the exercise then let me know how it feels i.e. where it feels restricted, what muscles are working, any cramping etc.

Technique Cues
1. Get into a deep squat with neutral spine – if you have to put your hands on the ground or lift your heels to maintain neutral, do it
2. Staying low, reach forward with one leg to crawl forward
3. Actively drag yourself forward with the lead leg, firing up the hamstrings
4. Go slowly with controlled movements and breathe

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