Airplane Pushups

New Pushup technique that doesn’t RUIN your shoulders

The Pushup is one of the first movement patterns we learn as babies. It was amazing to watch my daughter Livia struggle through a one-rep max to push herself up off the floor and hold her oversized balloon head up so she could look around. But too many Pushups (horizontal push + internal rotation) without…

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Advanced Scapular Strength and Control Drill

Scapular strength and control is necessary for long-term shoulder health and to maximize your performance in exercises like Overhead Presses, Chinups, Muscleups and more. But we don’t often train it in isolation and it’s even more rare to train it with arms overhead and even MORE rare to train it hanging like in today’s video.…

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No Pain, No Gain?

The fight world is full of tough guys. Even just to spar requires a level of toughness that most people don’t have. But the “no pain, no gain” mentality that’s promoted can often mess you up. So we talk about this concept in today’s video, as well as my current wrist injury and compensatory movement…

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Compensatory Movement Patterns

In my last year of university (12+ years ago now – yeesh), there was this guy in one group project I was a part of that did absolutely NOTHING. Total SLACKER!… Instead, he played lots of video games, smoked pot, drank beer… but at least he worked out. He would show up at group meetings…

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ACTIVE Hands Behind the Head

Open your chest, strengthen your delts and scap stabilizers, breathe deeper, now GO: Can’t see the video? Click here to watch it on FB. Whachu think? LMK below~

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On Intermittent Fasting

Since we’re at the (furry, white) tail end of Easter weekend, I figured this would be a relevant topic to cover… You’ve probably heard the term intermittent fasting, right? If you haven’t, it’s basically a way of eating that includes prolonged periods where you don’t eat any food, versus the traditional approach of eating 3…

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Unique Rotator Cuff Strengthening Exercise

When you think of a rotator cuff exercise, you probably picture some type of external rotation move. While these exercises are great and should be used, I’ve been playing with and have had success using a new type of exercise that I call the “Twisting Wall Press”. This one is going to be a staple…

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master the FRONT LEVER

Exercise to help you master the FRONT LEVER

I thought I’d share this video that I shot for my Inner Circle members (my Kyoudai!) because it’s a great exercise for building integrated core + shoulder strength, specifically your lats. Properly integrating your lats and core is important not just for doing the Front Lever exercise (that’s been the focus of the 2016 workouts in the Inner…

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My SECRETS to <10% body fat for almost 20 years

To begin, here’s what we’re NOT going to be talking about: If these are the kinds of things you’re looking for, I suggest you click away now… . . If you’re still here, kudos to you and your 90+ IQ… Now, what we are going to talk about are the things I believe have contributed…

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a healthy body

How to Set the Tone

Last night I didn’t have the most restful sleep because I had to pee. I woke up in the middle of the night and while it felt like 5 or 6am, I hit the light button on my little clock and the face lit up in a soothing blue and I discovered it was only…

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