Punching Power and Tapering for an MMA Fight

Punching Power and Tapering for an MMA Fight

How to increase punching power is probably the most common question I get asked. There are a ton of factors involved in this, so in this video, I break down some of these factors and give you exercises to train them. I also briefly address the question about tapering for a fight (and where to…

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after-work shoulder

Advanced Core Circuit for RIPPED Abs

The conventional exercises most people use to train their abs suck. What I’m talking more about is how they do the exercises, typically with tons of reps of shitty little crunches or bicycle abs or something, or super long holds of planks. What’s more effective is stringing different exercises that require different qualities, such as…

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after-work shoulder-ask-eric

After Work Shoulder Warmup (Posture and Activation)

If your job has you in front of the computer a lot and you train after work, then you might have the same issue as But the standard methods used to train the neck are not only wrong, but can DAMAGE your cervical spine. Find out what you should be doing and the full scoop…

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Analyzing UFC Fighter Diego Sanchez’s Mindset

Diego Sanchez has been a pro MMA fighter since 2002 and competing in the UFC since 2005.   That’s a long, long time to be a pro MMA fighter, especially with the type of fighter he is and the kinds of battles he’s been a part of. He’s definitely put on more than a few…

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landming snatch

New Rotational Power Exercise (The LANDMINE Snatch)

The transverse plane is the plane of POWER, if you’re an athlete. If you’re not an athlete, then transverse plane training will ensure you’re training your obliques for rotational power generation/stability and little-worked muscles in your hips and shoulders. This exercise gives you all of the above and more and it’s fun to pull off,…

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tight groins blog

3 Techniques for a Tight Groin [ASK ERIC]

The adductors, aka the groin, often gets tight because we rarely use the end range of motion of these muscles. So when you want to go and throw high kicks, they’re not used to it. In today’s episode of Ask Eric, I show you 3 techniques to use to loosen this tight area up. Submit…

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fix knock knees (blog)

2 Exercises to Fix Knock (Valgus) Knees [ASK ERIC]

If your knees go in towards each other when you Squat, Lunge, run or jump, then you’re going to run into knee pain sooner rather than later and any gains you make will be quickly erased. In this episode of Ask Eric, I show you a couple of exercises to fix this common problem. Got…

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Last week I had the privilege of attending the premiere screening of a new documentary called DEFINED, which follows a friend of mine, pro bodybuilder Ben Pakulski, as he prepares for the 2015 Arnold Classic. You could fit two of me inside of him lol! Obviously I’m not into the bodybuilding stuff but I have…

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power pairs

“Power Pairs” – Build Power + Conditioning [A+A]

In this workout, we go through the Power Pairs workout that is a part of the CAGE Cardio Bodyweight Fight deck. This workout will train your Alactic and Aerobic energy systems. One of the side benefits of A+A workouts is that they don’t overtax your muscular or nervous systems, allowing you more energy for your…

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qna 2 0806

Neck Training for MMA [ASK ERIC]

Having a strong neck can keep you from getting KO’d and also help prevent concussions. But the standard methods used to train the neck are not only wrong, but can DAMAGE your cervical spine. Find out what you should be doing and the full scoop in this episode of Ask Eric: Got a question you’d…

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