7 Tips to Minimize Pain and Speed Healing (1)

7 Tips to Minimize Pain and Speed Healing

Pain is often a signal that we’re taught to ignore… Messages like “No pain, no gain.” or “Stop being such a pussy!” are common in the world of sport and sure, achieving excellence in sport sometimes requires athletes to temporarily disregard pain. But the keyword there is “temporarily” because ignoring pain forever will only result in more pain in…

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Are Your Scapula PARALYZED?

Since I’ve focused on publishing content to help you with eliminating pain and improving flexibility and mobility (on the path to greatness!), I get a lot of questions from about SHOULDER ISSUES… Sometimes the questions come from VIP subscribers like you, sometimes it’s in person from friends or friends I haven’t met who also follow me online.…

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67 Year Old Grandma Climbs Rope

67 Year Old Grandma Climbs Rope…

Maggie is a 67 year old grandma who joined the powerDOJO Inner Circle just over a year ago. When she joined, she told me she could barely do Pushups from her knees. Well, now look at her: And this is just one of many new feats of strength that she’s been able to accomplish since…

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Flexibility Exercise For Poor Shoulder Extension

Flexibility Exercise For Poor Shoulder Extension

Shoulder extension is when you lift your arms behind your back in the sagittal plane. We often train for shoulder flexion flexibility, but not shoulder extension and because we don’t do much behind us in everyday life, if we don’t often work this range of motion, so we lose it. But it’s an important range…

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biggest myths on how to squat

5 Biggest Myths On How to Squat

Squatting is a fundamental movement pattern that we’re all born with. While there’s no shortage of articles and videos on squats, the reason why I’ve written this article is because there’s also no shortage of confusion and misunderstanding around how to squat, that it’s keeping people stuck and afraid to do something we’re born to do. I…

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1 Drill for KILLER Cardio

Do 3-6 rounds of 12 reps of this drill with 30 seconds of rest between each round and you’ll have yourself a short and intense workout that will boost your cardio. As always, practice the technique without tiring yourself first, then once you’ve got it, string it together and work it to build your conditioning.…

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Fix-posture-open-hips (1)

Exercise to Fix Posture and Open Your Hips

It’s summer here in Toronto so I’ve been riding most everywhere. I love riding in the city. However, if we ever come across each other and you’re driving, I apologize, because I ride a bit like a maniac – dodging cars, running lights, squeezing through tight spaces, etc… Nothing dangerous as I’m in full control…

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Scapula Stabilizer Activation Drill Vid 2

NEW Scapula Stabilizer Activation Drill [VIDEO]

The deep stabilizers of the scapula are often inhibited because of poor posture. Today’s drill aims to fix this problem. It may look easy, but for many it’ll be near impossible because it requires precise control and activation of deep shoulder stabilizers that don’t work properly in many people. Keys to this exercise include going…

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3 Exercises for Wrist Pain & Injuries

These 3 exercises will help you if your wrist hurts in extension, which is when the back of the hand is lifted closer towards the forearm. They’re also great to use as part of your warmup if you’re doing anything that requires full wrist extension, like Cleans and Handstand Pushups. For all 3 exercises, make…

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Grab this FREE Cookbook

My buddy Yuri just released a new cookbook and it looks great and you can get it for FREE. Watch the video below for details: . . .

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