Hip + Shoulder Flexibility FLOW Drill

This drill requires flexibility, coordination, balance and strength – so it hits many different Biomotor Abilities. It also trains the Push, Twist and Lunge movement patterns in multiple planes of motion, making it one bad ass exercise. Give it a shot: The Cossack portion of this drill definitely requires good adductor flexibility and strength. If…

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*WeiRd* Exercise for DEEP SQUAT Mobility

Getting down into the bottom range of motion in the Squat is a fundamental human movement pattern that we’ve lost because of all the sitting we do. We don’t need to think anymore about it. But is getting down deep into the Squat an absolute necessity? You could argue against it because in modern western society, we…

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On COURAGE, Cramping, Hip Flexibility & Shoulder Impingement

I was browsing through the folder my assistant Madalina keeps for me with all the questions I get from practitioners around the world and I’ll be answering a few about shoulder impingement and some hip flexibility stuff related to my recent “front splits” video. Before we get to that though, I want to share about…

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Improve Front Splits Flexibility AND Strength

We’re gonna get to the exercise in a sec but first, I have to share something I’ve been feeling with you… I’ve been inspired at the movement that’s taking place in the world of fitness because I feel like we’re finally getting away from the superficial as the ultimate goal. While avoiding obesity and being…

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The Evolution of Flexibility

If you’re one of my top practitioners, you know I’ve been sending out a lot of content on flexibility and mobility (which I’ll just use the term flexibility for going forward) lately. This is because I spent many years talking more about building Strength, Power and Conditioning and since integrating and taking flexibility training more seriously…

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Build Shoulder Strength + Stability and Improve Posture

I suggest doing 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps, twice a week for 4 weeks for best results. Give it a go right now, even if you’ve got no weights, then let me know what you think. And if you like vidz like this, make sure to tell me by hitting the ‘Like’ button below and…

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The WRONG Way to Set Goals (do this instead for LASTING results)

Ahhhh, New Years Resolutions… Set by millions around the world. Broken just a couple of months (or even days) later by those same millions. As such, a lot of “experts” look down upon setting them. But not me. I think when the calendar flips is a perfect time to reflect, re-evaluate and set new intentions on…

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360º Upper Body OPENER (4 minutes a day!)

This drill will open your upper body right up. Focus on the breathing, staying relaxed and the TRACTION of the arm/shoulder to help decompress the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints. Like I said in the email, do this exercise EVERYDAY, 10 reps on each side for 4 weeks straight and you’ll see phenomenal results in your posture and…

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Build Shoulder Strength and Stability [20 Second Reps]

The lovely mailman recently delivered these to my house: And I used them for the first time yesterday. I went out to a local playground and attached them to this cargo net style apparatus that kids climb up because it was the highest anchor point where I could hang and do my thing. A few kids who…

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New Exercise for Rotational Hip Power

I have not seen this exercise before and came up with it because I’m more and more on a quest to find new techniques to train movements and muscles in the transverse (rotational plane) because these muscles are so underworked with regular Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Presses and Lunges and because they’re so critical to joint…

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